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Are you looking for a property for sale or rent? We may already have it but not published yet!

Property Finding Services

Commercial and Residential Properties Finder

We provide the knowledge  and experience of our real estate professionals Milan & Province.

We assist you during the entire purchase or rental process: from the search for properties, to the negotiation of the price, to the completion of the process necessary to bring to term with the best economic result.

Residential and Commercial


Judicial Auctions

Rooms for students

The real estate agents with the task of intermediation manage both sides of the transaction, take care of the interests of the seller and the buyer, often looking for a compromise between parts to get to the conclusion of the deal, for this they receive a commission from both sides.

The property finder relate the parties openly siding with the buyer, with the responsibility to take better care of the interests of the buyer respecting the professional ethics , the seller and the other real estate agents.
The essence of this choice is substantiated by the resignation of the right to commission by the seller.

There is no competition between the two figures and to date they are the only ones authorized under the law able to fully manage the real estate negotiation.

Are you looking for a rental property?

Finding your next apartment has never been so easy!


We analyze all the properties on the market according to the desired characteristics.


We will run photos and complete check list to the properties that you think are interesting. Visiting them, if possible, in person.


We will take care of every issue so that everything is ready for your stay, from utilities to cleaning, to key collection.


The day you arrive we will come to take you by car to the Central Station of Milan and we will take you to the apartment.

Research Stress Zero. Particularly suitable for off-site students or workers.

Are you looking for a property for sale?

These are the proposals made for you!


We select and personally visit the properties in line with the pre-established budget. We will be at your side from the negotiation until the completion of the practices that you can entrust to our Notary office.


We provide experts in relooking, home staging and affiliated professionals who are able to evaluate the necessary restructuring measures.


A team of accounting professionals and real estate tax experts will analyze the acquisition process in full to provide further guarantees on your investments.


Sure of your satisfaction, you can enjoy the property, take charge for resale or rely on our services to manage all-inclusive rents and fly to the next deal!

Tailor-made service for families, much appreciated also by investors and international clientele.